Coastal Lifestyle Renovations is owned and operated by Jamie Goodrich, a licensed builder with over 25 years experience in the building industry on the north coast of New South Wales and Southern Queensland, providing quality lifestyle improvements, specialising in indoor and outdoor extensions and renovations.


When you want to build an entertaining area that might include a new deck, hand rails or fencing, a new patio awning, access doors to open up your home to the new area, an updated lounge or kitchen area to complete the whole renovation, you can become very overwhelmed with five or ten different quotations for five or six different parts of the whole renovation. Some people have enough time to co-ordinate and project manage this type of renovation, however most people don’t. This is where Coastal Lifestyle Renovations become your saviour. We specialise in managing and constructing these types of renovations. No longer do you need to be on the phone all day, or taking time away from your own career or your precious family time. Why not let Jamie and his committed team listen to your ideas and guide you through the design of your new renovation. Your quoted price is a written contract, and any variations will also be on paper, making your budget crystal clear. 

Jamie is passionate about his business and takes great pride in each and every creation, getting satisfaction out of keeping your journey with his business on a personal level, and taking exceptional care to ensure customer satisfaction.

Jamie Goodrich